Personalised Fitness Packages

Whether you are looking to...

  • tone up
  • build strength
  • increase fitness
  • train post-injury
  • improve performance

... I offer a range of bespoke training packages to cater to your specific requirements like your unique goals & needs.

Take a look at how we can train together:

1-1 Training

Leave the thinking with me, just turn up and give the best you’ve got!

  • Good for anyone from complete beginner to advanced.
  • Learn exercise techniques that you can use to train on your own in future.


  • 1 session = £40
  • 5 pack = £150
  • 10 pack = £280

1-1 Coaching & Nutrition

A complete approach to your fitness that gets you more results, faster.

  • Guided & supervised in-person training designed to your unique needs & goals.
  • Customised workouts uploaded to training app, nutrition support & regular check-ins via video calls &/ form.
  • Best for training goals like muscle tone or gain, weight loss, enhanced performance.


  • 1 session/week = £175/month
  • 2 sessions/week = £250/month
  • 3 sessions/week = £350/month

Remote Coaching

No need to be in the same location - we'll manage your exercise & nutrition wherever you are!

  • Training plan tailored to your goals (includes instructional demo videos).
  • Regular check-ins via video calls &/ form.
  • Nutrition support on request.


  • Training only: from £75/month
  • Training & Nutrition: from £100/month

Hybrid Coaching

The best of both worlds: a combination of in-person & remote training.

  • Flexibility to train in the gym while benefitting from remote support & resources.
  • Suitable for those looking for a balance between face-to-face interaction & convenience.

Pricing on Enquiry

No matter where you are in your fitness journey, I'm committed to helping you achieve your goals. Your success is my priority and I'm dedicated to providing the level of support and affordability that suits your needs. We’ll be in this together!

I’d love to help transform your life for the better, one step, one workout, and one goal at a time. 

Contact me today to discuss which package aligns with your fitness aspirations and kickstart your journey to the fittest you ever known. ;) 

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