Push Up Iso Hold Max

HEY everyone,

Here’s your first challenge: THE PUSH-UP ISO HOLD MAX!


Get into a high plank position. Go through the following checklist to ensure your position is correct:

  • Hands are under the shoulder, chest is over the hands
  • Tailbone is tucked in, turning on your abs & your glutes
  • Your body is forming a long, straight line from head into heels
  • Lastly, start pressing the ground away with your hands to engage your shoulders & lats.


Keeping everything engaged, start bending the arms to lower into a push-up & stop halfway (as shown in the example photo below). This is your position to hold for the maximum time you can!

What NOT to do in this position:

  • Drop your chest forward & raise your hips
  • Drop your hips


If you need to modify the on-toes position, you can do so by resting your knees on the ground (see example photo on the right). As you do so, ensure you are preserving the straight line in your body by bending knees down & slightly back to meet the floor.

The most common mistake here is shifting the knees forward upon bending, which causes the hips to shoot right up (see example photo to the right). While this is a modification of the advanced position, the on-knees push-up position should still feel challenging for the core!

Key checks here:

  • Tailbone tucked under
  • Abs & glutes squeezed in


The challenge ends when any other part of your body other than your hands and toes (and knees, if modifying) touches the ground.

And there you have it! The challenge is ON. Show me what you’ve got!

Good luck!

Adri x

PS: Do me a favour! Record yourself doing this challenge & either DM it to me, or post it to your story on instagram & tag me. I wanna see you all smashing it 💖

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